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Formosa is a half-elf resident of the Blacklale District of Neverwinter. Unlike many of her neighbors, Formosa is concerned with the well-being of others -- even those in other districts. When Meldanen began hording supplies, she attempted to raise concern at his actions amongst the rest of Blacklake. Most viewed her with amusement or disdain, even if they also disagreed with Meldanen's actions. She bore a vindictive attitude towards the mage, and when an adventurer met her she asked not only that he be stopped, but that he be slain. She promised to reward the Hero with a magical necklace.

This left the Hero of Neverwinter with several choices -- whether to get the key or not, and whether to kill Meldanen or not. Of course, killing Formosa herself was even an option. Whatever path was chosen, Blacklake was never the same.

Official Descriptions[]

  • "An agitated half-elven woman, trying to sway those around her to her cause. Her clothes seem deliberately simple compared to the nobles around her." ("Examine" Description)

Real World[]

Formosa is a character in Neverwinter Nights. The player has the option to kill her, rather than completing her quest (or to kill her in hopes of more reward). Otherwise, the player can complete some of her quest (by just retrieving Meldanen's key) or can complete the entire quest by also slaying Meldanen.