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Jared led the Dark Sun Cult in its worship of Cyric until Gulnan arrived in the Beggar's Nest. She corrupted many of the lower members of the cult, who began to follow Gulnan. Eventually, the corruption thread and Gulnan was able to capture Jared and obtain the focus he used to create undead minions. She imprisoned Jared in the Warrens of the Damned and held him to be a living sacrifice to the reptillian powers she found beneath the city.

Proud until the end, he protested loudly until he caught the attention of the Hero of Neverwinter. He explained his predicament and asked to be let free, so that he might raise a new cabal to Cyric. Though he was allowed to live despite his threats against Neverwinter and all of Faerun, he is very clearly not the threat he believes himself to be without his cult or focus.

Official Descriptions[]

  • "This man glares angrily, ready to lash out at least verbally. He looks utterly frustrated with his predicament. His armor bears the symbol of Cyric." ("Examine" Description)

Real World[]

Jared is a character from the original campaign of Neverwinter Nights.