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Jemanie is the brother of Torin. The two shared a home in the Beggar's Nest district of Neverwinter. When Torin joined a cult, Jemanie began to worry about his brother's strange behavior. Once the zombies began to attack the district, he hid inside his home and was unable to find his brother. He did notice, however, that the Cult Estate was being avoided by the undead.

The Hero of Neverwinter found Jemanie in his home. Jemanie asked the Hero to enter the Cult Estate and find Torin. After Gulnan had been defeated and the zombies had stopped attack, the Hero returned with Torin's Ring. Distraught at the realization that Torin had died, Jemanie sent the Hero away but told him to keep the ring.

Official Description[]

  • "This young man looks very worried and does not appear to have slept for the last day or so." (NWN "Examine" Description)

Real World[]

Jemanie is a character from the original campaign of Neverwinter Nights.