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Meldanen is a powerful Elven Sorcerer living in the Blacklake District of Neverwinter. Like many Blacklake Citizens, Meldanen has his own estate within the district with a private stuff and his own guards. Several of Meldanen's Apprentices also live on the estate.

In his youth, Meldanen fell in love with Milly and created a secret way into the estate just for her. Eventually, however, the relationship ended and the two fell out of touch.

During the plague of the Wailing Death, Meldanen encountered the Waterdhavian Dryad wandering the streets. He inititally planned to concoct a cure for the plague and then sell it to highest bidder, but she charmed him into falling in love with her. The thrall worked a bit too well, and Meldanen became obsessively protective of the dryad, encaging her for her own protection. This charm also caused him to imprison the guard Samuel. He also began to hoard food and grain, risking starvation for the rest of the district. This act put him at odds with Formosa.

It was because of this that Formosa asked the Hero of Neverwinter to slay Meldanen. He entered the estate and eventually found Meldanen. Believing he was about to be killed, the sorcerer presented the adventurer with a choice: fulfill Formosa's request or kill her instead. He was, however, very willing to free the dryad who had instigated so much trouble.

Official Description[]

  • "His clothing crisp and spotless, this elf scans the room nervously. He appears terribly preoccupied, his manner suggesting that he is greatly troubled." ("Examine" Description)

Real World[]

Meldanen is a character in Neverwinter Nights. The player character has several options for how to handle the situation with Meldanen. The player can:

  • Kill Meldanen, as asked by Formosa, and retrieve his key and silver tooth that way.
  • Leave Meldanen alive and kill Formosa for him instead.
  • Leave Meldanen alive and take his key (and possibly his silver tooth and 500 gold) through negotiation.
  • Go along with Meldanen's plan and kill Formosa. Then after getting back to him to report kill him as well to get his magic staff (Meldanen's staff: bonus feat: Spell penetration and Melf's acid arrow 10 charges) along with the regular payment.