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Ophala Cheldarstorn is the owner and proprietor of the Moonstone Mask. She has several skills associated with rogues and has dabbled in a bit of spellcasting as well. Though her business tends to flourish with men, Ophala encourages all to seek entertainment through her business. Though her business often has a poor reputation due to some of the less-than-innocent activities that occur there, she is very protective of her staff. During the Wailing Death's assault upon the city, no one could use her services without a letter from Oleff Uskar declaring that they had not contracted the plague.

Occasionally, Ophala employs adventurers to aid her in various endeavors. She is a purveyor of the fine arts, and has a splendid collection of paintings, statues, and other works of art. The adventurer who would become the Hero of Neverwinter can aid her in procuring several items for this collection -- she has him steal a statue from Lord Androd Golden, who had attempted to ban members of the Neverwinter Militia from visiting the Moonstone Mask. She also bade him to obtain a portrait of Sir Reginald Rumbottom III from Lord Thoms Rumbottom, who often attempted to have the Moonstone Mask closed entirely. The last item she has the adventurer retrieve was an urn that a man named Hodge had previously stolen from her.

Official Description[]

  • "This woman appears extremely confident. She watches everything with a knowing eye -- nothing escapes her notice." (NWN "Examine" Description, Ch. 1)

Real World[]

Ophala Cheldarstorn is a character from Neverwinter Nights who offers a few side quests to the player.