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The 3 Little Wolves are three lupine brothers who own and operate 3 Little Wolves Construction Co out of the western part of Greenguard Forest. They construct sturdy and economical homes. As part of their business, they also sell furniture.

They have, on multiple occasions, asked adventurers for help with their wereboar rival, the Big Bad Boar. They had adventurers collect contracts as retaliation for his efforts to destroy their buildings. Later, they discovered he had stolen some of their blueprints and they asked adventurers to recover them. It was not long afterwards that he stole a few cases of bricks from the wolves, and they asked their adventurer friends to reclaim the materials.



The 3 Little Wolves make most of their money from building houses, but they also sell some furniture, including...

  • Branch and Twig Beds
  • Branch and Twig Stoves
  • Brick Beds
  • Brick Stoves
  • Straw Beds
  • Straw Stoves
  • Undead Boars Heads

Real World[]

The 3 Little Wolves are NPCs from AdventureQuest Worlds.

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